513 lecturers at Milton Margai University’s Goderich Campus have finally received their severance payments on Thursday, March 28, 2024.

This follows protests staged by the lecturers against the government of Sierra Leone and the university’s administration, led by Professor Philip Kanu.

The lecturers had accused Professor Kanu of withholding their rightful payments, a claim he previously denied.

Thursday’s payout marks a turning point for both parties. The lecturers have now received their owed funds, while Professor Kanu addressed the wider university community about his vision for the institution.

Professor Kanu outlined his goals since taking office in 2018, which include renovating the administration building, implementing quality assurance measures to improve student learning, and establishing Milton Margai University as a premier institution. He reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining the university’s high standing.

Professor Kanu also acknowledged the dedication of the lecturers, particularly those with PhD qualifications who have opted to remain at the university. He emphasized the critical role educators play and expressed gratitude to President Bio for prioritizing education and following through on his commitments.