The Chief Minister of the Republic of Sierra Leone, David Monina Sengeh, has engaged 62 members of the SLPP who were aspiring candidates for positions at the Freetown City Council (FCC).

The Chief Minister disclosed that the engagement was to listen to their grievances and current issues, as they are an integral part of the nation’s development. This initiative also aims to promote President Bio’s agenda and boost his five major initiatives, ensuring that the people receive the best governance.

He emphasized that he carefully considered their views and assured them of their significant role within the party’s leadership plans and the central government.

His statement reads: “Today, I met with 62 outstanding men and women from our esteemed SLPP party who have not yet been selected for the Freetown City Council. I attentively listened to their grievances and reassured them that both the party leadership and government share a common goal to elevate Sierra Leone to greatness.”