Mohamed Rahman Swaray, the Minister of Employment, Labour and Social Security, has visited Super Holdings Limited and Kadco in Freetown.

This visit aligns with the Minister’s mission to familiarize himself with employers and gather firsthand information about workers’ welfare and their general working conditions.

Super Holdings Limited, a leading producer of plastic products such as water bottles, sachets, trash bags, and essential kitchen utensils, welcomed the Minister and his team. They toured the facility and engaged with workers, who openly discussed their challenges affecting efficiency and job satisfaction. The management of Super Holdings Limited expressed their readiness to address the concerns raised by the workers with appropriate guidance from the Commissioner of Labour and Employment.

Kadco, known for its production of local herbal drinks including bitter Kola products and other beverages, was the second stop on the Minister’s itinerary. Similar to the previous visit, workers at Kadco voiced their issues, which ranged from working conditions to equipment maintenance. The company’s management assured the Minister that they would take necessary actions to resolve these issues promptly.

Since assuming office in 2023, Minister Swaray has prioritized visiting private business establishments and companies across Sierra Leone. These visits are part of his strategy to personally assess the conditions under which Sierra Leoneans are working.

He emphasizes that while the President has committed to creating 500,000 jobs within the next five years, it is equally important to ensure that existing jobs are safe and dignified. “We want to ensure that the jobs that Sierra Leoneans are already doing are safe and dignified,” he frequently reiterates.