The Minister of Transport and Aviation Kabineh Kallon has reacted to the recent strike actions by Sierra Leonean Drivers on Monday.

In his famous interview with Radio Democracy, the Minister started by describing the situation as unfortunate as he  frowns at Citizens taking the law into their hands.

Minster Kallon gives a background that before the ugly incident occurred, he heard the rumors about the strike action since Saturday. In his bid to be proactive, he further contacted all the unions within the Transport sector in the country. However, he confirms that they are unaware  of the Strike Action.

Minister Kallon Further draws the public’s attention to a press statement issued by the Sierra Leone Drivers Union disassociating themselves from any strike action by the union.

He further  pointed out that he was surprised when it dawn upon him that youths were on the street disturbing the peace of ordinary citizens. He added that  one of the allege cause of the strike  was the absence of diesel which he believes it is not true.  However,  he discredit the allege claim by confirming the availability  of fuel in the country for sale. He justifies that he bought fuel for himself and other bike riders on Saturday as  clear manifestation to confirm the availability of fuel. Besides, the minister confirms that metric tons of diesel that arrived recently to salvage the effect.

When responding to questions on why some fuel stations are refusing to sell  their fuel product, the minister declines to respond confirming the question is not to within his domain.

The Minister further confirms that he will be holding strategic meetings with all relevant stakeholder in the Transport Sector to put the situation under control