The Ministry of Defence and the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (MOD/RSLAF) have refuted the allegations of the demolition of Services Secondary School and Teacher’s Quarters at the 34 Military Hospital, Wilberforce Barracks.

The ministry has called the videos circulating on social media “malicious, misleading, and a misrepresentation of the facts,” and clarified that the demolition exercise was not targeted at any school or teacher’s quarters within the barracks.

According to the Ministry of Defence, the demolition exercise was conducted solely on squatters, who were illegally occupying the land and had been warned to relocate for the proposed construction of the 34 Military Hospital American International University.

MoD noted that the makeshift structures labeled as school buildings were being used immorally by squatters, promoting drug abuse and criminal activities within the barracks.

The ministry has emphasized that the demolished structure has nothing to do with the Services School, which has been a key contribution of the RSLAF to education in the country over the years.

The ministry has assured the public that the RSLAF remains a professional force and will continue to uphold its constitutional responsibility towards the state.