Suleiman Foray Musa the Director of Donor Coordination at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, is said to have faced multiple corruption allegations, and the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is said to be investigating him. It is yet unclear as to why he has recently resume official duties.

Despite him being under investigation by the ACC which officials seem to be evasive in speaking  to journalists regarding the issue on several attempts by this writer and a colleague at the Times SL Newspaper.

Whatever might be the reason(s) behind Foray’s resumption of ties whilst under investigation, the fact of matter remains that the Director: of Donor Coordination is being investigated for alleged procurement breaches and fraud, among other official improprieties.

Investigation mounted by the Salone Compass Newspaper reveals a plethora of alleged corrupt practices perpetrated by Mr. Foray Musa, ranging from mismanagement of funds meant for the TAC Project, diversion of Donor funds, and mismanagement of government properties to other serious ones.

Records in possession of Salone Compass Newspaper indicate Suleiman Foray Musa is the Principal Donor Laison Officer at the Ministry of Health that is responsible for the coordination of donor funds and related activities. The Salone Compass understands he breached procurement laws in sole-sourcing for the supposed rental of the house for foreign doctors, amounting to one billion, one hundred and eighty-seven million five hundred thousand Leones (Le1,187,500,000) without authority.

While this issue remains partly unresolved according to the Audit Report, Mr. Musa also stands accused of 18 mismanaging government property, as he allegedly donated on one of the Ministry’s generators to a private clinic in the province without any knowledge. and approval of the Ministry.

While most of these of issues are captured in the 2020 Audit Report of as still unresolved ones, further investigation mounted by Salone Compass Newspaper reveals that the houses presented by Suleiman Foray Musa for payment of rents running into billions of Leones for foreign doctors never completely existed.

We discovered that one of the houses paid for by the Ministry for the TAC team is currently occupied by someone believed to be his concubine while the team lodged in a hotel in Freetown.

Even more worrisome is the seemingly deliberate attempt by the ACC to cover up such egregious corrupt practices, leaving Suleiman Foray Musa allegedly bragging that nothing will come out of the said investigation as be investigations as he is highly connected to the powers that be