The Minister of Information and Communications Mohamed Rahman Swaray played host today August 30 to Dr. Haron Mwangi a Kenyan Media Consultant who is widely known in Africa for his work in developing media reforms.

Dr. Mwangi’s visit to Sierra Leone is to support the implementation of the seven recommendations that were made during the National Media Viability and Investment Conference, which was held earlier this year. He will give technical support to the Multi-stakeholder Board and the Technical Working Group.

The Minister of Information and Communications Mohamed Rahman Swaray expressed his delight at hosting Dr. Mwangi and highlighted the major media reforms that the Government of Sierra Leone has implemented in ensuring open and independent media in Sierra Leone. He informed him that the Government of President Dr. Julius Maada Bio is very keen on advancing the media landscape in the country.

Mentioning some of the reforms, Minister Swaray informed Dr. Mwangi about how the government has repealed part five of the 1965 Public Order Act which was a setback to the progress of journalism in Sierra Leone; the accession to the Global media Coalition, which seeks to promote and protect the work of journalists; government’s support to the media through subvention to SLAJ among others. According to the Minister, all these reforms are geared toward enhancing an open and professional media sector.

Dr. Mwangi thanked the Minister and commended him for his bold and progressive steps in advancing the growth of Sierra Leone media. He disclosed that he has worked in nine (9) countries in sub-Saharan Africa and has helped in shaping their media reforms. He will be working with media stakeholders in the country this coming week to map out strategies that speak to enhancing viable media.

“In Sierra Leone, what I notice is that there is a common agenda drive in developing the media landscape. With that spirit the growth of the media is assured”, Dr. Mwangi said.

Dr. Francis Sowa of Media Reform Coordinating Group was also in attendance and expressed his desire to work together with Dr. Mwangi.