With the APC Convention drawing nearer, Morlai Vandi popularly known as MOV looks set to clinch the flagbearer position of the main opposition APC.

He is the favourite choice for these political thinkers in the APC. He is the only choice which can take the APC back to State House as he has never once tainted or soiled his character in any way.

He has meticulously worked his way up at all the respective places he has worked both internationally and nationally. He is loved by his supporters not because he usually helps them out with financial and other support but because they believe he is the only person can unify the party and bring it back to power come 2023.

MOV has done tremendous developmental projects in various parts of the country for which his supporters believe that if he can perform so well when he is not yet at State House, they imagine he would do much more if he becomes president.

According to The Future Media Newspaper, his supporters are therefore prevailing on the APC NEC and other stakeholders to give MOV the opportunity to take the APC to the 2023 elections and eventually to State House.