The Media Reform Coordinating Group (MRCG) has cautioned Media Practitioners to Ensure their safety while they are covering and reporting on protests.

The Group (MRCG) says it is monitoring media coverage and reportage of incidents of ‘protests’, especially in the Capital of Freetown.

The organization commends the media practitioners performing their duties at this difficult period, but calls on them to ensure their safety and security in their line of duty, including during the period of nationwide curfew declared by the Government.

The MRCG noted that itself and  the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) in Ghana have recently launched a Framework on the Safety of Journalists in Sierra Leone.

It continued that it monitored the difficulties in accessing the internet at some point during the day, as internet services were reportedly ‘disrupted.’

It concluded that as Internet Freedom is part of Freedom of Expression, the organization continues to call for the responsible use of the cyber space to ensure the peace, security and stability of the country.