Sources close to the National COVID-19 Emergency Response Centre (NACOVERC) have intimated The Satellite press that the night curfew imposed by government as part of its Covid-19 restriction measures to curb the spread in the third wave will be lifted this week.

This, according to our source, is predicated on the fact that the government has acknowledge a steady downward trend in the infection rate and low hospitalization over the past months as they will now focus on response on the rolling out vaccines.

It further revealed that the decision to lift the curfew has already been reached at a meeting between the Presidential task force and NACOVERC without any dissenting views.

Prior, there has been a clear indication of government’s resolve to lift the curfew as NACOVRC, in the mid of this month, relaxed some of the measures instituted by the government in response to the spread of the deadly third wave pandemic following the significant decline in positive coronavirus cases countrywide.

They have also announced the termination of contracts of majority of staff on 31st August, 2021 with confirmation of conquering the third wave of the pandemic.

Government has come under serious pressure from members of the public and civil societies who now declare that the easing of restraining measures clearly shows no need of maintaining the curfew after the end of the month.

Prominent among the civil societies strongly advocating for lifting of the curfew is the Centre of Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), a human rights organization in the country.

They described that the current curfew in force as inconsequential to the fight against the pandemic especially after the reopening of places of worship and the resumption of the country’s premier league which are crowd-puller events.