Sierra Leonean Musical Icon, Nasser Ayoub has premiered 2 of his hit songs on “the Jimmy B Show” aired on AIRadio F.M. 105 .3.

The two songs are “Selfie and Whos kind love dis”.

According to reports by Awoko, Nasser Ayoub stormed the studio as the very first guest of the Jimmy B Show. He was reportedly looking fresh like a trillion bucks. His white Shirt was buttoned to the top and a bling gold chain lying neatly on the shirt like a Puerto Rican gangsta. Ice2 blushed! Even the super star host of the show-Jimmy B took notice.

Around 8 p.m. prompt the Jimmy B Show took off like a Boeing 747 flight cruising at an altitude of 35,000 feet above sea level.

The show glided through the sweet breeze of the evening airwaves heading to the Eastern Sierra Leone, Kono to be specific where the guest of the show was born.

Listeners were entertained with “African music by Kenya Samai and “Life Goes on” by Roozay featuring Mac Mudae while waiting for the guest of the inaugural show Nasser Ayoub.

During the show, Nasser Ayoub revealed that he was born in Kono and shared some of his beautiful memories growing up there. The Artist spoke about his two kids and joked about beefing between him and his brother Basseem aka Mr. B.

Nasser spoke about his two new songs and noted that “in whos kind love dis” he took a different direction instead of doting the ladies like he used to in his previous songs, this time round the song came out with a disrelish rancor theme; while “SELFIE” is about the ongoing photo maniac trend.

Listeners were asked to call in and state 5 things they like about Sierra Leone and surprisingly people just can’t. I guess Sierra Leoneans are so embedded in Negativity that they cannot see anything good about the country. God bless Jimmy B Show, which is trying to change such perception.

The Climax of the show was when Jimmy handed over a $100 bill as promised to Nasser Ayoub which he said he was going to donate to the Blind School as Charity.

The Jimmy B show is on ‪#‎AIRadio‬ FM 105.3 every Sunday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 pm.

Jimmy B says that his goal is to Promote, Brand and Re-brand the entertainment industry in Sierra Leone by showcasing the best personalities in music, film, fashion and more. The show will only play Sierra Leone Music, a decision that many in the industry will welcome.