popular Sierra Leonean female musician Natasha Beckly has narrated her experience with a kekeh rider while onboard it from Kingtom Bridge to Goderich.

“Yesterday I onboard a kekeh from Kingtom bridge – Goderich on private. Sitting in the kekeh I was wondering why this man is driving badly, I then tap him on the shoulder saying my brother are you not seeing.”

“He then turn and faced me saying sorry. To my greatest surprise one of his eye is that of an animal and the other was shaking. I asked his to stop the kekeh at Sike street stepdown and give him ten thousand Leones {Le10,000}”.

These were her exact words on her Facebook page.

Going through her writings one will think of many things, the way and manner in which commercial drivers are plying the road is a major concern. Another message she was trying to convey is the physical status of the kekeh rider, as his eyes were not good. One could imagine where such person got a driving license and what are the traffic wardens doing in the street.