The Office of the National Security has planned tough actions on the unauthorized announcement of results by radio stations in the forthcoming general elections in Sierra Leone.

In his statement at a Press Conference on Tuesday, the national security coordinator, Abdulai Caulker said that, as a sector, they are supposed to create the enabling environment for the general elections on June 24th and that, they have put all mechanisms in place to have a very credible free and fair transparent election in the country.

He said the sector is working to ensure things work out well through some pointed-out issues which they have to take into consideration. He encouraged political parties to be tolerant at all times in their political movements.

“All radio stations that are not authorized to announce election results, if they do, the office of the national security will bring them down”. He said adding that, it is only ECSL/IRN and other authorized media houses that will have that mandate.

He strictly advised all radio stations to desist from announcing results.

He also mentioned various issues that threatens public peace during elections ranging from the use of uncontrolled Marshalls, illegal intake of drugs by party supporters, hate speeches, destruction of campaign materials and more.