The Native Consortium and Research Center has issued a 21 day Ultimatum which starts today to all Mobile Network Operators and the government to remove their 300% increment in Data Tariff or expect a nation wide protest.

MCRC released this notice today in owing to the fact that the price of mobile data rose exorbitantly in just few hours.

“…21-day ultimatum starting today if NATCOM and the parliamentarians fail to remove this 300% increment in Data tariff they scammed in the name of floor” NCRC stated on the press.

They continued that this sudden increment amidst the recent fuel increase in just few days, the consortium will lead a Nation-wide protest to Parliament to demand a reversal of this present situation.

NCRC affirmed to the public and accused the government of broad day robbery to the highest level. This the consortium referenced from the 1.5G Qcell cell mobile operator which is considered as the cheapest in some of their tarrif, that was sold at Le9 (Le9,000 old currency) has sky rocketed to Le27 today (Le27,000 old Leones). This when roughly check is about 200% increment.

Orange SL 1G data tariff that was sold for Le9 is now Le35 (300% increment) today, and this levels the ground with Africell.

In the concluding statement of the press, NCRC asked political parties to return the people’s weekend free calls (cola), Midnight calls and all other bonuses they have been enjoying before the closure of Parliament ahead of 2023 presidential elections.