The construction of the New Magbele Bridge commonly know as Gbere Bride have almost been completed as recent pictures taken, shows that the constructors are now on the wrapping up stage.

According to reports, the New Magbele Bridge was supposed to have been completed in December 2021 but due to one challenges to the other, it could not be finished.

However, the outcome of the bridge is turning out beautifully as a result of the hard work, high quality materials and the skills used.

According to what the Project Manager of Compagnie Sahélienne d’Entreprises (CSE) had told Awoko newspaper, a unique concrete mixture was utilized in the construction of the bridge not only for longevity purpose but also to give the design an attractive appeal as the bridge’s foundation is anchored within the river’s bedrock, which makes it to have a century lifespan.

From the pictures, we can see the wideness of the bridge which shows that it is a two lane. This will make accessibility easier and prevents the rapid occurrence of accident as vehicles will be able to move freely without waiting on one another.