According to Global Times Newspaper The main challenger to Dr Dennis Bright for the post of National Chairman and Leader of the NGC (National Grand Coalition) party, Joseph Maada Kpulun, has described the just concluded party delegates’ conference as ‘flawed’.

Mr Kpulun noted that the rules and regulations approved by PPRC for the conduct of lower-level elections leading to the delegates’ conference were deliberately flouted by the party’s leadership.

He observed that even the delegates’ lists were manipulated by the party’s leadership to make way for Dr Dennis Bright to win.

He noted that the delegates’ lists were never ratified and published two weeks before the convention as stipulated in the rules and regulations. “NEC was supposed to have ratified those delegates’ lists but that never happened”, he said.

Mr Kpulun accused the party’s 2018 flag bearer Dr Kandeh Yumkella of clearly siding with his opponent, Dr Dennis Bright. “He did everything to ensure that the process was manipulated in favour of his preferred candidates including Dr Dennis Bright”, Mr Kpulun said.

Mr Kpulun who is a senior member of the NGC party said that he was preparing to present an official petition against the outcome of the convention to the PPRC.

He accused some senior members of the party of engaging in electoral fraud of an industrial scale. “This is not the NGC we founded some few years ago…The party has become violent, undemocratic and unfit for purpose”, Mr Kpulun lashed out.

A spokesman for NGC declined to comment on the allegations raised by Mr Kpulun. He only said, “Mr Kpulun is a bad loser”.

Investigations continue.