According to reliable sources within the corridors of the NGC party, the Salon Fos Medium has been reliably informed that, the National Grand Coalition (NGC) party is set to release another National Market Survey on Hardship very soon.

After the 2018 elections, the NGC as an opposition party, has among many other things been famous of their regular monthly releases of prices of basic cooking commodities around the country. Which have been exposing the stagnated state of the country’s economy, affecting the daily bread of all citizens.

Speaking to Arthur Pearce, the Western Area Regional Chiarman of the NGC party, and a member of the Market Survey Data Collection Team of the NGC, he intimated to this medium that, this is the 9th Survey from 2018 to now that we have embarked on. “And all efforts made to guide the government over the continuing inflation, bad economic policies and poor exchange rate management & control was like beating a dead horse,” he said.

He further explained on the direct impact on the day to day lives of citizens and how bad it is for youths, but more especially our girls, who are left with no option but choosing the path of promiscuity as a means for survival.

“Our young men are reduced to pick pockets, larceny, and drug pushing as the only alternative,” Mr. Pearce said.

He said very soon, the party will release another updated Market Survey that will reflect the exact condition of people in this country.

“Can you imagine that, a family of four, now spends Le 93,500 leones (old notes) per day for a basic meal?” He asked.