Njala University, 2nd September 2022- The Executive Committee of Court of Njala University headed by the Chancellor, Professor Sahr Moses Gevao on Thursday 1st September 2022 received the results of a constituted search committee for Deputy Vice-Chancellors for Njala and Bo Campuses in an emergency meeting called up in the Senate Room of the University Secretariat.

The vacancies occurred after the positions’ terms, as outlined in the 2021 Universities Act, expired. The appointment of Professor Bashiru Mohamed Koroma as Vice-Chancellor and Principal on 1st September 2022 left a vacancy of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor post in Njala Campus and the expiry of the tenure of Dr. Mohamed Syed Fofanah (Associate Professor) as Deputy Vice-Chancellor on Bo Campus.

The search committee was tasked with advertising the Njala Campus Deputy Vice-Chancellor position, to assess or review the work of Dr. Mohamed Syed Fofanah’s (Associate Professor) tenure as the Deputy Vice-chancellor for Bo Campus from March 2020- March 2022, and to advise Court on whether an extension or re-advertisement should be done and finally to make recommendations to Court for an appointment or otherwise.

Three applicants competed for the position of Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Njala Campus, Dr. Alieu Mohamed Bah (Associate Professor) outgoing Dean of the School of Agriculture, Professor Adlyn Johnson, former Dean of the School of Education, and Dr. Patrick Sawyer (Associate Professor) in the Department of Soil Science. They underwent a rigorous selection procedure in which one of the candidates was interviewed online by the committee.

Dr. Alieu Mohamed Bah (Associate Professor) received the highest score for the Njala Campus Deputy Vice-Chancellor position and so recommended as the best candidate for the position, according to the Chairman of the Search Committee, Honourable Jonathan Dambo. However, the Committee decided to keep Dr. Mohamed Syed Fofanah (Associate Professor) as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Bo Campus for an additional three years having performed well in his first term.

The recommendations of the search committee met the approval of the University Court as Dr. M.S. Fofanah (Associate Professor) was confirmed for the next three years as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Bo Campus, Whilst Dr. Alieu Mohamed Bah (Associate Professor) having pulled the highest score confirmed as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Njala Campus for the next three years.

The Chancellor, Njala University, Professor Sahr Moses Gevao, and other members of Court including, the Chairman, Tertiary Education Commission, Professor Alghalie welcomed the new appointees to their positions and expressed their delight at their appointment while admonishing them to closely work with the Vice-Chancellor and Principal in furtherance of the attainment of the overall objective of the University.

Professor Bashiru Mohamed Koroma, the former Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Njala Campus now the substantive Vice-Chancellor and Principal, handed over leadership to his successor, Dr. Alieu Mohamed Bah (Associate Professor) as the new Deputy Vice-Chancellor effective immediately.

The new DVCs pledged to work well with their new boss, the recently installed Vice-Chancellor and Principal of Njala University, Professor Bashiru Mohamed Koroma.