Njala University of Senate, the highest Academic body pursuant to the 2021 University Act as amended, has approved the rustication of 81 students who were investigated and found guilty of related offences including examination malpractices, obtaining monies by false pretense from colleagues, solicitating sex from female students in their guise of being staff of the University among others.

The 81 continuing students drawn from both Towama and Kowama locations on Bo Campus were in possession of foreign materials during the second semester examination.

They were accordingly investigated consistent with the principles of natural justice and recommendations by the Disciplinary Committee were Coordinating Committee for onwards submission to Senate for approval.

Senate did approve rustication for one year pursuant to section 2 (8) of the Njala University Examination Policy and Procedures.

In other related development, Frank Kamara, a final year student pursuing a course leading to an award of B.Sc. Accounting and accomplice, Joseph Anthony Conteh were both found guilty on allegations hovering around obtaining monies from 61 students to the tune of Le9,150,000.00 (Nine-million one-hundred and fifty thousand Leones) in order to secure passing grades in a module taught by a Staff of the University. They both pleaded guilty.

Further probe into the said file of the fraudster revealed that Frank Kamara has been in the University for four years without proof of payment of fees and the Committee therefore recommended he pays the sum of Le11,005,250.00 being the prescribed tuition fees and other charges for the four academic years and also rusticated from the University for three years.

His accomplice, Joseph Anthony Conteh was asked to refund the sum of Le9,150,000 he collected from colleagues as a passing aid for module, OEST 111 and was also rusticated for two academic years.

Bockarie Samura Kamara, a final year student in the Department of Sociology and Social work was found guilty for sexually harassing female students in the guise of being a staff of the University. He succeeded in soliciting several nude pictures from female students by using profile pictures of prominent University Staff.

Consistent with section 3 (3, 30) of the Students Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy, he was rusticated for one academic year.

According to Tribune Newspaper, Michealla Kula Kpulum, a first-year student pursuing a degree leading to the award of B.Sc. in Health Education, was found guilty of assaulting a lecturer on duty when asked to tender the foreign materials she had in her possession. She was also rusticated for two years and asked to tender a letter of apology to the said lecturer.

The Njala University Administration under the auspices of Prof. Andrew Baimba, Acting Vice Chancellor and Principal, has zeroed in on all forms of exam malpractice and has committed itself to ensuring all those found wanting to be allowed to face the muscle.

President elect, Njala University Students’ Union-Bo campus, Iye Abu is quoted to saying in the quest for excellence, cheating should not be an option.