No Rallies For 2023 Elections

Concerned about the repeated spate of violence that have marked recent by elections in the country, an exasperated Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) has threatened to ban holding of political rallies and public campaigns for the June 2023 national elections if political parties fail to control their members and supporters, stressiIg that recent by-elections have been characterized by violent clashes.

The PPRC Head of Public Outreach and Training, Lucien Momoh made the  remark on local media while responding to the recent political violence that took place in Bendugu in Tonkolili District ahead of the June 24 parliamentary by-election.

he said, has observed the increase in violent political clashes across the country which he described as a threat to national security. He lamented that owing to what he considered as a bad trending political activity people have lost their lives and properties; whilst others have suffered serious injuries.

He maintained such a trend does not bode well with the Commission and therefore the PPRC will not sit by and allow political parties to cause inspectrity in the country.

The PPRC, Lucien Momoh went on, will look at other options like banning political rallies and public campaigns for the 2023 general elections.

He opined that the ban would help to diffuse political tension and violenti violence that will further help to ensure free, fair, and peaceful 2023 elections.

Lucien Momoh pointed out that the electoral authorities would find it very difficult to conduct credible and transparent elections if such violent situation persist failing to take full control of their supporters.

Meanwhile, Lucian Momoh is advising Political Parties to stick to the provisionss of the 1991 Constitution, the Public Elections Act and other related rules and regulations.


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