Today marks the very end of one of the most controversial years in Sierra Leone. The year 2022 has seen dramas, gossips, controversies in many social media platforms, especially the blue app, Facebook. This year has had mixed impacts to many Sierra Leoneans. Violence (or Vawulence as it called on Facebook) is not an exception to happenings within the year. 

Among famous sagas was the fight between Housemate Salone season 3 winner Julie Tombo and critics (voovucellers as she calls them). Before Julie contested for the Housemate show, she was heavily stigmatized for her 6 children with different fathers.

With the story she told the public and fans of the show, she became the winner of the show through votes. Since then, there have been allegations on Julie for misinforming the Public on her story. The celebrity on countless times has had controversies with Saline Gossip, Hawanatu Konneh and other Sierra Leonean blogging pages. Presently, Julie Tombo and Hawanatu Konneh are persistently sending blows at each other over who owns the blue App.

Despite the controversies surround the celebrity, fiancee to Julie Tombo, Nohmi George has today reacted on his Facebook page and desist people from drawing his Fiancée to unnecessary dramas on Facebook.

Nohmi who is now tired of the dramas surrounding Julie pleaded to stop now. He continued that he knew people love and always want to say something about Julie. As a result, Nohmi has put a stop to all the dramas surrounding Julie Tombo henceforth.

As 2022 clocks to an end, Nohmi urged each Sierra Leone to start thinking about their family problems and the challenges the country faces and let her fiancée be.

On his very own words he said this:




I’m So Not Happy With All This Drama About

Julie On The Media From One Thing To Another😣 

Everybody Want To Say Something About Her, Una Blow Pa E Name For Me Now,Make Me Sef Call Am.. E Don Do Now Make All Man Go Walker,And Yes OfCourse Julie Get MAN.

Best Advice..This year Is Rounding Up Now,Sit And Think About Your Family Problem And Your Country Wahala,Forget About Julie,Because No Matter what I’m Here😄 and Nothing Is Going To Happen To Her. Una Rest Now🚫