Dr Samura Kamara, the 2018 Presidential Candidate for the All People’s Congress [APC] and now the leading contender for the party’s 2023 flagbearer, has informed the executives of Constituencies 112 and 113, in the Western Rural, that he is not vying for the presidency to enrich himself but to clean up the mess which the Bio-led administrative has put the country into.

Addressing them at his Wellington Street office in Freetown on Tuesday this week, Dr Samura Kamara said he intended to return the country to prosperity by looking at how he could revamp the mining sector, improve the lives of those with or without skills through the creation of employment opportunities and to seek the interest of all Sierra Leoneans.

Dr Samura Kamara used the occasion to reaffirm his incorruptibility, saying that “I don’t want my name to be tarnished which is why I took the Government of Sierra Leone to court not the other way round.” He shrugged off the recommendation of the Government Commission of Inquiry (COI) as just a witch-hunt.

He also commented on the targeting of citizens by the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) of those perceived to be APC supporters and sympathisers.  “Sierra Leoneans do not deserve to be treated badly in their motherland as if they are strangers. Therefore, I urge you all to be united to confront the SLPP in 2023 with one mind,“ he admonished.

He urged the two sister Constituencies especially the chairman, secretaries and Public Relations Officers, to educate their constituents on the APC’s new Constitution which is expected to be adopted very soon.