Yeyoo Women in Development organization is an established constellation at Burma three axes in Kenema. The group has on Sunday 7th August 2022 met with Chief Ibrahim Brima Swarray at his residence in Plane field section to give an overview of the organization’s mission and developments they have been working on since the formation of the group.

The Coordinator of the Organization, Mrs. Lucinda Jalloh started by expressing her gratitude towards Chief Ibrahim Brima Swarray for his tremendous roles in Nation building. She further stated some of the mandates of their organization and laid emphasis on one which is to seek the welfare of women specifically in Burma 1, 2 and 3 sections. Mrs. Jalloh mentioned that the organization is also involved in agricultural activities which is a form of fund raising to empower their members.

Thrilled by the coordinator’s speech, Mr Swarray expressed his admiration for the efforts the Women put in empowering themselves and he continued by stating that he is ready to work hand in glove with these women to empower them since it’s one of the vision of his leader The President.

The NPPA boss in his speech used the moment to encourage these women to come out in numbers in the upcoming voters’ Registration process because as women their vote counts and will help in national development because women represent 50.8% of the Sierra Leone population. To assure them of his support, he donated a cheque of SLL10,000, (Ten Million Leones Old leones) to help in promoting women empowerment.

Haja Mary Betty Sandy, mother of Chief Ibrahim Brima Swarray also thanked the women for being visionary in compounding themselves into an organic hub for progress, peace, and tranquility all in the interest of their community. She encouraged them to be honest and truthful to each other, as that is the only driven force to register a big development.

The Chair lady of the Organization Matilda Jalloh in alacrity and elation registered a hearty appreciation to Chief Swarray for the sum donated and promised that their organisation would restlessly at all-time in high and low support SLPP. She concluded by assuring the NPPA boss that they as an organization will encourage and mobilize people to register in the upcoming Voters Registration Exercise, which will start on the 3rd September 2022.

The courtesy call ended by chanting the name of the NPPA boss as a champion for national development.