The National Revenue Authority (NRA), has in a Press Release dated the 19th July, 2022, refuted claims of purchasing $2.8M land and having a split between its Management and Board as reported by Global Times.

It noted on the Press Release that on Tuesday, the 18th May 2021, the Global Times Newspaper ran a misleading publication in which it was purported that the institution’s Board and Management proposed to buy a piece of land for $2.8 Million.

And that on Tuesday 19th July 2022, the Global Times Newspaper published yet another misleading story on the same land issue with the caption, “Controversy Over NRA $ 1.8 Million Land”.

The NRA informed that the first publication turned out that the facts in the story were concocted to serve the interests of detractors aiming to bring down the good image of the institution, adding that it views the second publication as unfortunate, unfounded and has further reinforced its view of a media house that lacks credibility.

” firstly, the NRA has never purchased “a one and half lot of land” for $1.8 Million, such a claim can only be made by ill-motivated individuals and ran by rogue media houses. We are an institution that takes into cognizance all Public Financial Management prudence and place high priority on taxpayers’ money which continues to be key consideration in our corporate negotiations.”  NRA clarifies.

“Secondly, the NRA owe all its achievements of the last four years to the harmony and camaraderie of both Board and Management of the institution. The assumption of a “big split” between the Board and Management is a figment of one’s imagination. Let it be known that the institution frowns at such. “ it added.

The NRA went on to state that for the unsubstantiated publications it is also exploring other options amongst which may include litigation against the continuous publication of false information against the National Revenue Authority.

It ended by appealing to so called media professionals to seek clarifications on all matters pertaining to the NRA from the Public Affairs Unit or the Commissioner-General before publishing stories relating to the institution.