Serious allegations have surfaced against Madam Adama Tuma Gento Kamara, the Board Chairperson of Sierra Leone’s National Revenue Authority (NRA), and embattled ‘Bar Association President’ involving the abuse of workers’ rights and misuse of her position.

These claims come from Mary Kaingbanja, a staff member at the Commissioner-General’s Office, who detailed her experiences in a formal response to disciplinary action proposed against her.

Kaingbanja, who has been with the NRA for over a year, was part of a delegation led by Madam Kamara to two significant international conferences in March 2024 in the United States. These included the 68th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women and the 28th Session of the Committee of Experts on International Cooperation in Tax Matters.

In her letter to the Deputy Director of the Human Resource Department, Kaingbanja refuted allegations of gross insubordination and abandonment of assigned duty made by Madam Kamara. She firmly stated, “The allegations levied against me are incorrect, untrue, unfounded, and cannot be substantiated.”

Kaingbanja provided a detailed account of her participation in the conferences, asserting that she did not neglect her duties. “I was fully attentive and participated in the sessions Madam permitted the delegation members to attend,” she explained.

Contrary to the accusations, Kaingbanja claimed that Madam Kamara’s actions during the trip had caused significant reputational damage to the NRA. “Madam’s action of calling the police on me and giving out the names, phone numbers, and travel information of every member of the delegation to the police in New Jersey has put the reputation of the Authority in disrepute,” she stated.

Highlighting the broader implications, Kaingbanja noted, “This also affects the personal chances of every other member of that delegation to travel to the United States again.”

Kaingbanja further accused Madam Kamara of abusing her position to target her unfairly. “On the contrary, it is Madam who has abused my rights and regrettably abused her position and office in a quest to destroy me. If anything, I should be the person making a complaint against Madam and not the other way round,” she asserted.

In response to the disciplinary proceedings, Kaingbanja has engaged legal representation from Messrs. OJP Legal. She expressed her readiness to defend herself at the disciplinary hearings, stating, “I have faith and confidence in the due process guaranteed by the NRA governance documents and the laws of Sierra Leone.”

Kaingbanja concluded her letter with a plea for support and fairness, emphasizing the impact of the situation on her mental well-being and dignity. “I remain grateful to the Authority for its continued support and ensuring the welfare of its staff,” she wrote.

When contacted for a response Madam Kamara did not pick up her calls. As this case unfolds, it raises significant questions about the internal governance and treatment of employees within the NRA, highlighting the need for transparency and adherence to workers’ rights.