In a significant development, the National Revenue Authority (NRA) has announced a sweeping reorganization, resulting in the transfer of more than forty-four staff members across various locations, departments, and units within the organization.

These transfers, effective immediately, have been characterized by an NRA spokesperson as part of a routine internal mobility initiative.

Commissioner General Ibrahim Swarray is resolutely committed to assembling a fresh and dynamic team aimed at optimizing revenue generation, as highlighted by an official spokesperson for the Authority.

Inside sources close to the NRA have disclosed that a subset of the transferred staff, specifically those assigned to the Non-Tax Revenue Department, have experienced differences of opinion with the new Commissioner General and his team.

Among the notable staff members affected by these changes are Mohamed Maya Kaikai, Abdulai Amadu Bonapha, Mrs. Agnes Mohamed B. Marah, Vandy Mansaray, David Hughes, Mohamed Kabba Massaquoi, Cyril Davidson Showers, and others.

Simultaneously, rumors are swirling that impending alterations, subject to discussion and approval by the Board of Commissioners, led by the assertive Mrs.

Tuma Gento-Kamara may also impact certain Commissioners. Uncertainty looms over the fate of Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, the commissioner overseeing the Domestic Tax Department, as an undisclosed source suggests.

The NRA’s strategic personnel shifts signal a bold step toward redefining its operational landscape and reinforcing its commitment to bolstering revenue streams for the future.