The President of the United States of America, Hussein Barrack Obama has unequivocally condemned leaders going against their country’s constitutions in order to bid for a third term presidency.

According to The Times SL, President Obama, who happens to be the world’s most powerful President was addressing African leaders during the recent African Union 52 years of existence meeting in Addis Ababa where he emphasized on the word third term presidency which he says has been a fuel of unrest in some African countries.

Obama told his audience that he does not understand why people want to stay so long as leaders especially when they have got lots of money.

“When a leader tries to change the rules in the middle of the game just to stay in office it risks instability and strife as we have seen in Burundi,” President Obama averred.

He advised that the African Union should stand firm to ensure that leaders work in line with their constitution and to also make sure that nobody should be President for life.

In Sierra Leone, the current APC led Government of President Koroma is hiding under different slogans of “More time”, “Extra time” and “Injury time” just to extend the term of the President to continue staying in office after his tenure would have expired in November 2017.

The issue of More time, Extra time and Injury time for the President has become a subject of wide public debate with just few sycophants projecting the idea as against the wishes of the majority.

What remains unclear for now is the political hypocrisy at play and silence of certain Civil Society Organizations and the International Community to speak on behalf of the masses so as to address issues of such nature.