Popular Sierra Leonean Rapper and Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment, Kao Denero recently featured on “The Interview” on AYV Television where He spoke about his challenges, opportunities and many other things. Excerpts;

Initially, in your shows, you said you are not supporting political parties but only supporting initiatives and ideologies that will help transform Sierra Leone. How did this appointment came about?

I had wanted to see the transformation in the country. As an entertainer and rapper, I had great ideas and have knocked through doors to see how I can be accepted to put all these ideas into practice. Now that Maada Bio have appointed him as an ambassador, this is the time I will showcase all those ideas. I believed there are other Sierra Leoneans that have these great ideas and are ready to see the change they have been yawning for.

How your career has been in your past that led to your recognition to this appointment?

I believed I have the track records. My first album was in 2001. I have hosted different events at the National Stadium and other places. I started from the bottom and I have done plenty shows in which other shows were not successful. But people saw the consistency in me with all the challenges that I was facing like banning of shows, burning of hotel in Kono and other obstacles but I never give up. I always come home to build by fanbase and it became huge.

Are you willing to leave the stage because of this administrative role?

I will never leave the stage. Music will never leave me and I will never leave music. The President of Liberia, George Weah was a soccer star before becoming President. He still plays football even when he is a president. Being an ambassador will not stop me from doing music. I’m still in the studio working. I can carry multitasks. I just have to be mindful of what I do. But this is the same Kao Denero.

How do you balance your time?

From Monday to Friday, I dedicates three days to my administrative work and two days to my creative time listening to beats and go to the studio.

What first came to your mind when you were appointed as an ambassador?

Our entertainment industry is polluted with politics and separation. So, being appointed as an ambassador is a very tough task. I know I can’t do it alone. So, I created a board from different entity like veteran musicians, comedians, DJs, Producers, etc. to help me achieve the agenda that I have in mind. In this board, we have a committee like peace committee that are responsible to settle the differences among entertainers.

How did you received critics that politicized your appointment?

I digested everything. I believing in giving out results like providing Red Cameras, Lens, standard studio, policies that can govern the entertainment industry, advocating for local acts to be highly paid when performing as guests for international acts and many good things will be followed. With all these results, only a fool that will still criticize me.

How can the movie industry benefit from you?

I know what the movie industry wants. I know they want their movies to be on Netflix, they need a standard camera, filming equipment and training on script writing. I’m not an expert in the entertainment but I know the fire that is burning me is the same fire that is burning others. I know what everyone in the entertainment need. With the support from the government, these are the things I want to provide. I have travelled to meet to some investors to come to our country to invest and support us.

Sierra Leone entertainment is not recognized in the international platforms like BET. What are the plans to ensure that Sierra Leone entertainers are recognized on those platforms?

They need to restructure the industry like having a national playlist system that will help those platforms to recognize them. Musicians can premiere their songs after 8:00pm but DJs will be going strictly with the national playlist that will have about 20 selected songs. There should also be a respect level to top musicians like K-Man, Jimmy B, myself and others. But the underground artistes that are coming in to the music industry will pass LAJ without saying high to him because he has got an award or his song is being played on the radio station. We need to give respect to people that merit the respect and give them credit. For the underground artistes, we will have network events that will help them showcase their talents and meet with producers.