Orange Foundation SL has on Thursday 16 June 2022 celebrated the International Day of the African Child with Disable Kids across the country.
The theme for this year’s celebration is eliminating harmful practices affecting children.

The event took place at Orange Sierra Leone Headquarters attended by children from the Milton Margai School for the Blind, National School for the Deaf, the Albinism family, teachers from these various institutions and their parents.

Orange Foundation SL was established early last year with the initiative of promoting free quality education in the country, the establishment of the first ever digital center for women and girls, donation of menstrual hygiene pads to girls to name but a few.

Speaking on behalf of the foundation, Desmond Spaine gave a brief history as to why June 16 is commemorated every year.

He said in 1976 Children. were killed in Soweto South Africa by white men and that during the process every opportunity and facilities were cut off from the black race, adding that due to the all out-war in South Africa, it was difficult for the children at that Time to get quality education.

In his explanation he further said because the children were denied of having good education they decided to protest by calling on the white government to listen to their cry but we’re denied and that during the process the South African Police open live firing on the children that lead to the death of thousand of them.

He said all what the children were protesting for was to call on the attention of the authority to acknowledge their right to be educated.

“This is why all around the world June 16 is celebrated and called the day of the African Child, this day is important to us all as we are not only mourning the death of our brothers and sisters that died in South Africa in 1976 but also we are celebrating the need to learn” he stated
The Children were well entertained by the foundation with Musi, gifts and lots of different African food to name but a few