For several years now, Orange Sierra Leone (OSL) and Orange Middle East and Africa (OMEA) has been taking concrete action to reduce its environmental impact. Today, it is employees who are taking over by getting directly involved in various ecological initiatives on International Environment Day, as part of the new Orange Engage for Change program. OSL and OMEA and its employees are reaffirming their ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by launching the Orange Engage for Change platform.

This initiative aims to have a positive impact on society and the environment, while strengthening team cohesion. A collective commitment for a lasting impact: Climatic events, societal upheavals and changing work patterns have created a pressing need for reference points and meaning among citizens, and our employees are no exception.

Orange firmly believe that employee engagement is an essential key to meeting these challenges. The Orange Engage for Change program enables each employee to devote three working days a year to projects with a societal impact. A platform to mobilize and inspire: Orange Engage for Change is a web platform that provides a space for discovering, sharing and getting involved in societal projects. It is accessible to all Orange Group employees to volunteer, and to the general public for a better understanding of our commitments. This multi-country initiative draws on the programs of the Orange Foundation and the Orange Digital Centers network, offering a structured framework, a solid infrastructure and varied opportunities to support and develop volunteer actions with our committed employees. Concrete actions for real impact: The platform offers environmental and social initiatives, solidly backed by the active commitment of our employees.

Throughout the day on June 5, a number of local initiatives are being organized across our region to demonstrate the concrete impact of this platform. In Mali, for example, a team of 200 Orange employee volunteers is taking part in the reforestation of an urban park dedicated to children by planting 1,000 trees, while in Côte d’Ivoire, 43 kilometers from Abidjan, 30 hectares in the Azaguié forest will be reforested thanks to 150 employees. In 2023, OSL planted 3,000 trees at the Mortomeh Mudslide site at Hill Station thanks to participation of 150 employess and this year, OSL embarked on a beach cleaning exercise in partenrship with International organisation for Migration and National Tourist Board. These examples symbolize Orange’s commitment to supporting local projects that strengthen social ties and protect the environment. Jérôme Hénique, CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa: “The launch of Orange Engage for Change symbolizes our deep commitment to corporate social responsibility. By empowering our employees to get directly involved in positive impact projects, we are contributing to the sustainable development of communities in the countries where we operate.” Asma Ennaifer, Executive Director of CSR and Communications at Orange Middle East and Africa and Secretary General of the Orange Digital Center Foundation adds: “This platform is a powerful tool for uniting our teams around shared values. Every initiative, every action taken by our employees demonstrates our collective ability to bring about significant change. We’re proud to see this commitment come to fruition and to witness the positive impact it generates.”

Sekou Amadou Bah, CEO of Orange Sierra Leone commented: “Through this platform, together, we have the power to collectively transform our Society & make a difference through our CSR approach by connecting with our local communities, training & outreach to create a positive impact in the daily lives of the people of Sierra Leone”. With Orange Engage for Change, Orange gets closer to people by investing in and actively supporting local initiatives in favor of inclusion and the environment.
To find out more about the Orange Engage for Change platform and the social projects deployed by the Orange Group, log on to Discover the testimonials of beneficiaries and employees.