Orange Telecommunication Company is set to Award a whooping sum of 150 million to deserving Innovative Sierra Leoneans.

The company is currently encouraging applications to fund project  in technology  for potential competitors. Orange is set to give out  100 Million Leones as  for  national prize and  50 million grand prize for  for  the female Tech Queen.

The competition has  the potential to boost the passion for technological innovative  discoveries amongst Sierra Leoneans. It can also helps Young innovators work together in a synergistic and highly productive way. Innovative Technology has the  potential to change our societies by providing solutions to many technological problems confronting our world.

The competition is  a platform where successful applicants may get a chance to acquire –  recognition like status,  and influence in society;  The first days of an innovation- activity are likely the most creative and often during the initial face-to-face interactions a new idea may emerges that no single individual has had before.

A chance to bond – interact with other people and form new relationships;

A chance to learn – explore new areas of life, practice new skills and satisfy their curiosity;

The deadline for application is on the 27th May, 2022 at exactly 9pm..