Orders From Above Destroy Sierra Leone Judicial Power… Disrespect Presiding Judge

Orders from above is carrying more respectability and fear than administrative or Legal Order form the Court issued out by a High Court Judge of judicature.

The Orders from above mostly from the political seat at State House or the Legislative House has caused more damages to the country than expected. This is because the Orders form the above are done in line with political association rather than what should be norm.

This has given rise to several Orders from above and subsequent damages to individuals and institutions in the process of giving respectability to Orders in the country. It is giving legality to illegality, which has the propensity of committing huge damages and cannot be easily repaired.


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Just few days prior to this publication and even currently, orders from above has caused severe damages and economic loss to a number of Sierra Leoneans doing business around Wilberforce Round About popularly know as “Bottom Mango” a case between Ketura Bundu as the plaintiff of 3 Mill Street Freetown, versus Kadie Mbawa and others as Defendants.

The legal process was destroyed in favour of Orders from above, leading to further massive destruction caused by the Sierra Leone Police aided by lawless citizens that were recruited by police to carry out the destruction of properties, a clear contravention of one of the key responsibilities of Law Enforcement Officers, which is to protect lives and properties.

It is evidently clear from physical evidence lying bare at the Wilberforce Round About that Orders from above have systematically and consistently destroyed Orders from the High Court which was to the knowledge of the Inspector General of Police and other Senior Police Officers both at the Lumley and Congo Cross Police Stations.

Justice S.O Taylor is granting the Application of the defence took into consideration processes that should be followed, but what showcased itself was Orders from above that rendered Justice Taylor’s Legal Order non functional and productive. This is how Orders from above have destroyed Sierra Leone with the involvement of State House and sometimes the Legislative House.

On 7th February 2021, 17th January 2022 and 5th May 2021, Justice Samuel O. Taylor had responded to the application of the Defence team by granting an interim stay to the application, but that notwithstanding the respect and fear for Orders from above succeeded in destroying the power of the Judiciary, which is the Legal Power and that which is entrusted in the presiding Judge.

The destruction cannot be complete without the involvement of Raymond Kallon, a notorious bailiff who was involved in a treason trial scandal involving hugh chnk of money. “Any credible judiciary would not accommodate the likes of Raymond Kallon as he is always known for accepting bribes of any magnitude to execute an assignment whether legal or illegal” A retired Supreme Court Judge Remarked.

The sum of Le40Million was allegedly used to water the appetite of Raymond Dallon to def6 the Orders of Justice Samuel O. Williams as he took the lead in terminating the Order to stay of the judgement and several other stays issued out by the presiding Judge. The plaintiff, Keturah Bundu has been described as a woman who is always in the habit of using the powers that be to change right to wrong and illegality to legality. Her power to achieve objectives is wide and un-measurable and can use political power to destroy other people as she has done with the Wilberforce Round About property, where she used her political and family connections to wreck economic hardship on the people and destroy buildings that house commodities of every kind, which are sold out to Sierra Leoneans and non-Sierra Leonean buyers.

Standard Times Newspaper reports that, when Orders from above have been used to destroy innocent and unsuspecting legal hustlers, the next step of the judiciary Is not known to restore its power and credibility.

What is awkward is the entire episode is the role of the Law Enforcement Agents to despise legal Orders from a credible presiding Judge of the Judiciary for Orders from above from politicians whose powers are short-listed.


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