The Parliament of Sierra Leone has taken a decisive step by naming several Members of Parliament to sit in various local councils across the country.

This development follows a letter penned by the Clerk of Parliament to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs, outlining the selections.

The appointments, by Section 4 (1) (d) of the Local Government Act 2022, are seen as a concerted effort to bolster the functioning of local councils and promote grassroots development. The selected MPs are expected to bring their expertise and representation to the councils they have been designated.

Among the distinguished parliamentarians chosen for these roles are:

  1. Hon. Shaka Musa Sama, who will sit in the Pujehun District Council.
  2. Hon. Sartie Banya, appointed to the Kailahun District Council.
  3. Hon. Emerson Lamina, designated for Koidu/New Sembehun City.
  4. Hon. Simeon Tamba Johnny, to represent the Kono District Council.
  5. Hon. Ella Goba, selected for the Kenena City Council.
  6. Hon. Momoh Bockarie, appointed to the Kenema District Council.
  7. Hon. Neneh Lebbie, assigned to the Bo City Council.
  8. Hon. Bashiru Silikie, to serve in the Bo District Council.
  9. Hon. Segepoh Thomas, chosen for the Bonthe District Council.
  10. Hon. Alice Kumabeh, to represent the Bonthe Municipality Council.
  11. Hon. Veronica K. Sesay, appointed to the Moyamba District Council.
  12. Hon. Alfred Ayodele Thompson, designated for the Freetown City Council.
  13. Hon. Ibrahim Kabba, to serve in the Western Area Rural Council.
  14. Hon. Foyoh Tholley, chosen for the Tonkolili District Council.
  15. Hon. Billow Shaw, appointed to the Falaba District Council.
  16. Hon. Adama Bangura, to represent the Kambia District Council.
  17. Hon. Rachel Mariatu Sesay, designated for the Pessima Port Loko District Council.
  18. Hon. Mohamed Bangura, assigned to the Kerene District Council.

The announcement was made through a letter signed by the Deputy Clerk of the Sierra Leone House of Parliament, Mọhamed Lebbie. This move underscores the government’s commitment to decentralization and empowering local authorities to address the unique needs and challenges of their respective communities.

The newly appointed parliamentarians are expected to take up their roles with enthusiasm, working closely with local councils to ensure effective governance, community development, and improved service delivery at the grassroots level. This development is seen as a positive step toward fostering closer collaboration between the national and local levels of government in Sierra Leone.