The Parliament of Sierra Leone arranges induction training sessions for its Members of Parliament, focusing on parliamentary practices, procedures, laws, and regulations.

The recently inaugurated Sixth Parliament of Sierra Leone is now active, with MPs having taken their seats after being sworn in by the Clerk of Parliament several weeks ago. This comprehensive two-day induction for MPs took place at the Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy in Freetown, centered around the theme“Prepare Well and Perform Better”.

Hon. Saa Emerson Lamina, Deputy Majority Leader and Leader of Government 2, emphasized the vital importance of mastering parliamentary procedures in order to effectively fulfill one’s duties. He remarked,  “It is necessary to learn parliamentary rudiments and be able to deliver well in their responsibilities as Members of Parliament. MPs should pay attention as the process unfold to understand the Standing Orders of Parliament and the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone, in order to properly utilize them.” 

In concluding he also addressed the prevalent misconceptions about the roles of MPs, stating, “Hon. Members, I urge you to devote your attention to this matter

The Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu expanded congratulations to the MPs present and remarked that those absent would go through a similar process. He said MPs displayed great confidence and strength during their elections, in light of their actions to become Members of Parliament. He utilized the chance to extend his congratulations to the electorates and went on to illustrate the primary obligations of Members of Parliament. He advised them of the challenges forward of their duties in tandem with their capacities to deliver. According to the Speaker, MPs would only be able to deliver in Parliament based on knowledge gained from the induction. “You have to learn Parliament and Parliamentary rules” he stated.

He proceeded to say that induction is the beginning of the procedure. He reminded the MPs of the disposition of their work, in light of the high expectations of the people. He warned Members of Parliament to consider the people greatly and notified them to solve the problems both in Parliament and in their localities.

The Speaker regurgitated that the challenges MPs would be facing are infinite and notified them to conform to the exercise. “I want to urge all of us to meet the commitment to Parliament and political parties,” he informed. He admonished them to balance the two roles. The Speaker emphasized on the  responsibilities of MPs. He spoke of a well-planned and authenticated continued training process.

He encouraged the MPs to collaborate with the Parliamentary Staff in order to deliver. He expressed hope to leave a legacy where a Member of Parliament would have an office and staff members attached to him or her for service delivery as practice in some countries.

The Speaker used the opportunity to refer to Late President Mandela and quoted him as saying“Education is the only weapon that someone can use to change the world,” he stated and also made referenced to the Constitution and Sanding Orders. He admonished MPs with regard their privilege and immunity, in light of their conducts and representation to the people of Sierra Leone.

He thanked all for their participation.

It is expected that, the two-day induction training program would be focusing on Corporate journey of the Parliament, Parliamentary practice and procedures, Consensus and managing conflict in Parliament, Parliamentary Diplomacy and etiquette, Gender, and Parliament.

The Director of Parliamentary and Public Relations, Sheku Lamin Turay moderated the program and went on to highlight the importance of the induction training for MPs.