Here comes the Housemate contestant Paul Mbayo who has just added another challenge to his already gigantic educational and entertainment collection. Paul represents team KVO, Diamond and Granny Church

In his aspiration for higher height, this time he is seeking to showcase creativity, academic intelligence and drama in the Housemate Salone Season 3.

Paul grew up in Sierra Leone from the diamond rich District of Kono. He attended the St Edward’s Senior Secondary School to acquire his high school education. He was a famous High School prefect who represented St Edward’s in many school activities.

Mbayo is hailed from a humble background. After the completion of his high school in Sierra Leone, with hard work and commitment, he later migrated to Toronto, Canada for international exposure.

This entertainment, drama and educational guru worked with several and prominent institutions in Toronto before aspiring to go into the Housemate Season 3 Show.

“The most important reason I decided to go into the house is to give back to the public, I will achieve this by showcasing my talents to the Sierra Leonean people, he Said

“Whenever I venture into the Entertainment sector, I know with my experience and collaboration with like-minded individuals, I will be able to deliver results at scale with the shortest possible time in the house”

He encourages every young person to constantly look to add value to themselves and find whatever learning they could to ensure they have a cutting -edge advantage over their competitors in whatever field they find themselves.

He further implored Sierra Leoneans to vote for him with the number #54#. He believes your votes can can qualify and keep him in the House. Voters can use AFRIMONEY BY DIALING#54 *161*10#

Sierraloaded entertainment desk wish  all the best for you and conquer whatever venture you embark on.