Opposition Member of Parliament, Hon. Abdul Kargbo, has said that if every Sierra Leonean is to pay the ruling Sierra Leone People Party (SLPP)’s debt in the country, “each citizen will pay an equivalence of $425”.

He made this statement on Monday 21 March 2022 on Radio Democracy Good Morning Salone program.

“This is the worst economy that the country has ever hard,” Hon. Kargbo said, adding that even under the APC when the country experienced the worst shock on the GDP growth rate, which went to even minus 19%, the economy was still better than it is now under the SLPP.

According to him, in the SLPP manifesto, they stated that “public debt is very high and they will ensure that they introduce” a debt sealing.

“In 2018 that the SLPP came to power the public debt was about 17.8 trillion. In 2020 the SLPP raised it up to 30.71 trillion, meaning in 10 years of APC – because the APC met public debt at 2.78 trillion – they raised it to 17.83 trillion. But in just three years of SLPP raised the public debt by Le13 trillion in 2020, and it is projected that in 2021 it would accumulate to 14.3 trillion.”