Whether or not the All People’s Congress (APC) will be going to court over the adoption of the new constitution is still unclear as plaintiff in the recent High Court matter, Alfred Peter Conteh has expressed dismay over the way and manner the party carried out the court order.

However, the national executive of APC has insisted that there is nothing to worry about as all the variation orders issued out by Justice Adrian Fisher on 9th August, 2021 were fully adhered to.

Speaking to local media, Alfred Peter Conteh said that he is still studying all the events and activities that took place prior to and during the holding of the three-day conference to see whether the party compiled with the court order to the letter or else he will not rule out filing another legal suit, objecting the process.

According to Alfred Peter Conteh, there are two issues of important concern to him which are those of re-run elections and membership issues that were not fully completed by APC and the 21-Man Technical Planning Committee during the execution of the court order, stressing that on the issue of re-run elections, he had first written a letter of concern to the Political Party Registration Commission (PPRC) highlighting the issue even before the holding of the said convention.


He said, he also raised other concerns regarding the treatment meted out on some of his representatives prior and during the convention.

According to Alfred Peter Conteh, the party and its 21-Man Committee have disenfranchised some seven constituencies, specifically from Kambia, Bo and Kono from taking parts as delegates in the just concluded convention because the party failed to conduct the re-run elections for delegates. He furthered that despite he had written a letter of concern to the PPRC, the APC and the 21-Man Committee still refused to conduct the said elections. On the issue of membership, he said there are several senior and grassroots members of the party who want to vie for several positions within the rank and file of the party but will be unable to do so because the NDC has not regularized their membership. He furthered that the next convention of the party will be for the election of party executive members and with their membership issues still pending, they will not be able to vie for any position.

However, the Acting National Publicity of the APC, Sidi Yayah Tunis has debunked the claims made by Alfred Peter Conteh saying that they were unable to conduct the re-run elections because the whole process was time bound, noting that the re-run was not part of the court order.

He also noted that their decision to cancel elections in those seven constituencies was a result of violence that ensued during the voting process, adding that out of 132 constituencies they only canceled 7 constituencies and that they were able to complete the process within the stipulated timeframe.

On the issue of membership, Sidi Yayah Tunis noted that the issue was not part of the court order and would not comment on it.