ACP Brima Kamara the public face of the Sierra Leone Police has reacted to the press releases published by the Sierra Leone Police urging people about maintaining peace and also the lawlessness in the road usage.

He maintained that, the SLP has observed that, things have not been going on well within different communities in relation to members’ behaviours to thieves and other suspected individuals who commit crime.

He said there is no law in the country that will mandate you to take another person’s life and everyone is presume innocent until proven guilty y a reputable court of law, adding that, nobody has the right to manhandle someone for commitment a crime rather the perpetrator needs to be handed over to the police for investigations and subsequent court actions.

“We came out to let the public know that it is the police that have the mandate to protect the lives and properties of everyone in the country. We want people to stop doing things outside the mandate of the law.” He said

He called on the general public to stop taking the law into their own hands and be reporting all suspected theft matters or related matter to the nearest police station instead of beaten and causing harm to the individual. He maintained that, the civilian has the powers to arrest and hand over to the police.