Dr. Prince Harding is the first national chairman of a ruling party to be arrested at the Criminal Investigations Department in connection with an alleged murder case in which he is a suspect.

He was given bail and informed the police that he would assist in the investigations by always being available when called upon.

However, he has failed to keep his pledges by neglecting to appear at the CID at police request, so undermining police authority.

According to a police source, if Dr. Prince Harding does not appear at the CID for additional interrogation surrounding the murder of 41-year-old Mohamed Koroma, widely known as ‘Done Pole,’ the CID may issue a bench warrant for his arrest.

A source close to the family of the disease disclosed that Dr. Prince Harding is trying to settle the matter of the alleged horrendous crime behind closed doors, but family members have remained adamant, thus crying for mother justice to take its m course.

According to the source, the Koroma family is questioning why Dr. Prince Harding has not been arrested and detained.