The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has today issued preliminary report of the destruction of property and loss of lives by violent protests on August 10 2022 in Freetown and other parts of the country.

Summary of the report states that: 4 Police Officers were killed nationwide; 4 Police Officers were injured nationwide; 113 suspects were arrested for both North-West and North-East regions as of now; scores of public and private property destroyed.

“Following violent protests and demonstrations in parts of the Western Area (Rural and Urban), North-East and North West Regions on Wednesday August 10, 2022, the Media and Public Relations Department of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is taking the pains to release a preliminary report of available records, in respect of fatalities and injuries sustained by personnel and also government and police property destroyed during the violent protests and demonstrations,” SLP stated.

Check out details of the preliminary investigation below: