In a bid to strengthen their operational capabilities and ensure preparedness for the upcoming multi-tier elections, the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) has acquired 25 new vehicles and 10 state-of-the-art drone cameras.

The Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Augustine Magnus Kailie, unveiled and distributed these resources on Monday, May 29th, 2023.

The distribution of the vehicles and drone cameras spanned various Regions and Divisions across the country, ensuring widespread coverage and support for police operations. Out of the 25 vehicles, 10 were Isuzu Trucks designated as personnel carriers, while the remaining 15 were Toyota Land Cruisers, aimed at equipping personnel with the necessary tools for effective service delivery.

During the momentous event, DIG Kailie, representing the Inspector General of Police (IGP), emphasized the importance of responsibly utilizing these newly procured assets.

He highlighted that the vehicles and drone cameras were acquired using taxpayers’ money, emphasizing the need for police personnel to utilize them for their intended purposes.

DIG Kailie urged the officers to ensure proper maintenance and care, acknowledging that these resources would enhance police effectiveness and improve response time mechanisms.

Acknowledging the importance of technological advancements, DIG Kailie affirmed that the SLP is keeping pace with the evolving landscape. This investment in cutting-edge equipment will enable the police force to carry out their duties with increased efficiency and precision.

Furthermore, he called upon the Fourth Estate, the media, to act as a watchdog in identifying any mismanagement of these resources and promptly report such cases to the appropriate authorities.

With a strong emphasis on professionalism, DIG Kailie advised all police personnel to execute their duties with utmost diligence while caring for these new assets. The responsible use of these vehicles and drone cameras will contribute to the overall improvement and development of the Sierra Leone Police.

The ceremony culminated with an inspection of the vehicles and drone cameras, showcasing the state-of-the-art technology that will aid the SLP in maintaining law and order throughout the upcoming elections. With these new resources at their disposal, the Sierra Leone Police stands ready to fulfill their mandate and ensure the safety and security of the nation.