To ensure transparency and a peaceful electoral process, Lucien Momoh, the Director of Training and External Relations at the Political Party Regulation Commission (PPRC), has called upon civil society organizations (CSOs) and the media to fulfill their roles as whistleblowers rather than mere referees in the upcoming general elections on June 24th.

Speaking at a non-violence symposium organized by the Commoners Club Sierra Leone, a prominent gathering of university students and graduates from across the country, Momoh emphasized the crucial role of CSOs and the media in safeguarding the peace and stability of the nation during the elections.

He stressed the importance of their loyalty to the state and urged them not to be swayed or distracted from this responsibility.

During his address, Momoh urged all participants to maintain a peaceful and tolerant environment, echoing a message previously conveyed by AYV News. By doing so, they can contribute to upholding the peace and safety of Sierra Leone during this critical electoral period.