Julius Maada Bio has declared his re-election as the President of Sierra Leone for a second term in office as a victory for the country.

He made this statement after he was sworn in at State House as the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) emerged victorious in the just concluded multi-tier elections.

President Bio expressed his gratitude and humility in the statement addressed to the citizens of Sierra Leone.

He acknowledged the overwhelming support and vote of confidence bestowed upon him and his party.

The President highlighted the unity among Sierra Leoneans, transcending differences in language, ethnicity, and political ideologies, all sharing a common goal of seeing their beloved nation prosper.

“This victory is for Sierra Leone,” President Bio declared, emphasizing the nation’s collective commitment to economic growth, social progress, and love for their country.

He extended his hand of fellowship to the leaders and members of all political parties, urging them to join hands in the pursuit of national development.

The President also commended every candidate who participated in the elections, recognizing their contributions to the democratic process.

With a firm belief in the transformative power of unity, President Bio expressed his determination to steer Sierra Leone toward a future brimming with progress and prosperity.

The election results revealed that President Bio secured 56.17 percent of the votes cast, while his closest contender, Samura Kamara of the main opposition party, All People’s Congress, garnered 41.16 percent. The victory signifies the electorate’s confidence in President Bio’s leadership and his party’s vision for the country.

Sierra Leoneans are now encouraged to continue their collaborative efforts in fostering peace and unity, with the ultimate aim of creating a brighter future for all citizens.

President Bio’s re-election sets the stage for a renewed period of governance, where the nation’s aspirations for growth and development can be realized.

The atmosphere in Sierra Leone is one of celebration and optimism, as citizens anticipate the next chapter in their nation’s journey. With President Bio at the helm, the focus remains on working together to build a prosperous and thriving Sierra Leone for generations to come.