Prime Minister H.R.M Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad of Birland States has extended congratulations to President Julius Maada Bio on his successful re-election as the President of Sierra Leone.

Taking to Twitter, the Prime Minister wrote, “We congratulate His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio on the resounding support he received from the people of Sierra Leone, electing him as their President.”

Birland, also referred to as Bir Tawil land, is a desert region situated in Africa, lying between Sudan and Egypt. This unique territory has its own distinct political border and is categorized as “Terra Nulius” or unclaimed land, as described in Wikipedia.

Being Africa’s newest country, it holds the 55th position among the continent’s nations, encompassing an area of 2,060 hectares. Birland has garnered endorsements and recognition from various countries, highlighting its humanitarian efforts.