Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Brima Kamara warned that a supposed protest on Monday, September 11 is illegal.

We (the police) have not received any application for a demonstration as of yet and all the news about it has been on social media,” ACP Kamara said.

The Assistant Police Commissioner furthered that the procedure for any demonstration is that participants write the Inspector General of Police who will either agree or disagree after weighing the odds.

He said the police will implement a two-track approach which is first, to warn people not to participate in it and second, is for the police to restore normalcy which is to arrest anyone that come out to protest tomorrow.

One of the functions of the police is to maintain law and order and we cannot sit watch the State plunge into disarray,” ACP Kamara said.

He added that there will be a collaboration with the Security Sector in order to maintain peace in the country.

He added that there are other plans to do but will not reveal it for security reasons.

Meanwhile, on Saturday armed police and military patrols were spotted in parts of the capital, Freetown. Sources have said that the security forces will be deployed in strategic location across the country on Sunday night.

The government is urging locals to go about their normal business on Monday.

Protests in Sierra Leone are rare but often turn violent. On August 10 last a protest against the rising cost of living in the West African country left 25 people dead and many more injured.