Unfortunately its’s been a few days since we said goodbye to Ramadhan 1443/2022. Many of us are trying to hold onto the ‘spirit of Ramadhan for as long as possible, the powerful connection to ALLAH, the revived relationship with the Qur’an and Salah, and the feeling of being productive and active with our worship.

However, the good habits we developed during the blessed month will sometimes be forgotten until next Ramadhan by many as we may be too busy, distracted, unmotivated, or simply forget about them. With that in mind, here are 3 tips on how to keep up the good habits after Ramadhan and continue to be close to ALLAH.

Tip 1. Work continually to strengthen your Eemaan: eemaan is the engine we need to keep doing good deeds. When our eemaan is strong, it’s easy to come near ALLAH and engage in different acts of worship, but when it becomes weak, it’s difficult to do good deeds. So we should strengthen our eemaan by learning more about ALLAH since when one knows ALLAH, one will love ALLAH. When one loves ALLAH, one will automatically want to serve and worship HIM.

Tip 2. Seek more knowledge: Every Muslim must seek knowledge that will facilitate his worship of ALLAH. For instance, a Muslim must know how to perform salah to perform it properly. Seeking knowledge is a lifelong endeavor. When Islamic knowledge is sought sincerely, it will increase us in eemaan and righteousness.

Tip 3. Surround yourself with righteous people: It will make it easy to do good deeds since one is more motivated when in a group than when one is alone. That’s why the Prophet (SallallaahualayhiwaSallam) encouraged us to keep company with the righteous people. May ALLAH keeps guiding us all and protect us from Sheitan who is back from prison. Aameen.