Emil Rogers and his family on the 8th, of September 2023 delivered an invaluable donation of scientific equipment to St. Paul’s Secondary School, in Pujehun District, marking a significant milestone in their continued support for the institution where Emil Rogers once walked the halls as a student.

This exceptional contribution not only enriches the school’s science department but also underscores the urgent need for alumni engagement to create an enhanced learning experience.

The generous donation, comprising a comprehensive array of scientific instruments and materials, promises to revolutionize the way students engage with science at St. Paul’s Secondary School.

The gift includes 10 Burette (50ML vol), 11 Burette Clamp, 10 Ring Stand Support (4×6), 2 Calcium Hydroxide (500g), 2 Methyl Orange (25g), 2 Methyl Red (10g), 2 Phenolphthalein (100g), 2 Sodium Hydroxide (500g), 4 Triple Beam Balance, 47 Test Tubes, 12 Graduated Cylinder (100 ML vol), 12 Graduated Cylinder stand, 12 Beakers (250 Ml vol), and 5 Bunsen Burners (adjustable, Natural gas). He however disclosed that there are more science laboratory apparatuses on the way to be donated to his alma mater.

Emil Rogers’ commitment to giving back to his former school serves as a shining example for all alumni, emphasizing the profound impact they can make on their alma mater’s future. His consistent support over the years has not only provided tangible resources but also symbolized a powerful message of dedication to education and personal growth.

Upon receiving the donation, the Principal of St. Paul’s Secondary School, Foday S. Massaquoi, expressed profound gratitude on behalf of the entire school community. “Emil Rogers and his family have once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to our school. Their generosity will empower our students to explore the fascinating world of science with greater enthusiasm and effectiveness. We are immensely thankful,” said Principal Massaquoi.

Students at St. Paul’s Secondary School were visibly thrilled by the prospect of utilizing the new equipment to enhance their scientific studies. The donation not only addresses an immediate need for modern scientific tools but also inspires current pupils to excel in their academic pursuits.

Principal Massaquoi encouraged other alumni to follow Emil Rogers’ example and reconnect with their alma mater. “Emil Rogers has shown us that our alumni are a vital resource in our journey to provide the best educational experience for our students. We hope that more former students will be inspired to work alongside our administration and contribute to a brighter future for St. Paul’s Secondary School,” he declared.

This remarkable gesture by Emil Rogers and his family reinforces the idea that a strong sense of community and support from alumni can pave the way for educational institutions to thrive and evolve. The entire staff and current students extend their heartfelt thanks to Emil Rogers and all alumni who continually champion the cause of St. Paul’s Secondary School. Their unwavering dedication is the driving force behind the school’s pursuit of excellence.