Chairman of the interim Transition Governing Committee ( ITGC) of the main opposition All People:s Congress ( APC), Alfred Peter Conteh, has disclosed in a news release that the sacked erstwhile Vice President Samuel Samuel Sumana and other stalwarts members have been reinstated unconditionally.

‘Acknowledging the need for for our Party the All People’s Congress to win the 2023 elections, it’s hereby resolved that an unconditional reinstatement for all disenfranchised members and returnees to the APC party be granted as ordered baby the court and we so do “:the release states.

It further acknowledged that on 8th September, 2020 the Previous executive had during the time as the National Advisory Committee ( NAC) to extend it’s mandate saw the need to put up a notice reinstating the former elected Vice President

” We have on this day agreed in the interest of cohesiveness and unity of all members of the party to extend an unconditional reinstatement not only to the former elected Vice President but also to all other members in the similar situation, ” the release stated

It added that ITGC members in their meetings established that there were considerable evidence of membership marginalization and discrepancies in the party ‘s registration of members.

The release also stated that Justice Adrian Fisher in his judgement on Thursday b28yh April, 2022 ordered to resolved membership issues prior to the National Delegates conference in accordance with Article 10 of the APC constitution, 2022.