Hundreds of supporters of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) have expressed satisfaction and jubilated following the latest public interaction between the former presidential candidate and lead contender for the party’s 2023 presidential ticket of the APC, Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara and the current Interim Chairman of the Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) of the party, Alfred Peter Conteh at High Court Room No. 1 where both of them were attending different court sessions, past Tuesday. 

Before the Tuesday meeting, the two politicians have not been seeing eye to eye on some internal issues especially that which has to do with the election of the party 2023 presidential flagbearer which both of them have reportedly expressed interest in.

One eye witness in the courtroom, past Tuesday, Soraoh Kargbo told this press that it was a good moment for him to see the APC Flagbearer hopeful, Dr. Samura Kamara and ITGC Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh hugging each other, adding that the headshake and exchange of pleasantries by the two politicians exhibited concord between the two.

He also confessed that this is the first time for him to behold the two shaking hands in public since the IGTC took over office, adding that the meeting has proved that the membership of the main opposition party remains intact and strong, irrespective of the existing acrimonies, here and there.


Another senior APC member Coulson Turay also noted that, though informal, the brief meeting between the two political heavy weights was very good towards the final unification stage of the party ahead of the forthcoming 2023 general elections, adding that despite struggling to get a leader, the party will bounce back strongly and successfully reclaim State House, come June, 2023.


Also speaking to this press shortly after the said meeting, the Communication Officer for the Dr. Samura Kamara Movement, Foday Sadiq Konteh said the short interaction between the two party strongmen inside the courtroom was a signal that the party membership is ready to bounce back from and take over State House, come 2023.

According to Foday Sadiq, the APC flagbearer hopeful is a very peaceful and accommodating personality who holds no grudge for anybody within the party, adding that Dr. Samura Kamara is always ready to support and work with the ITGC chairman.

He advised all members of the party to stop spreading fake news about the negative relationship between the ITGC Chairman and the party 2023 presidential hopeful, saying that all those propagandas are meant to distract the party’s attention for securing power.