After the August 10th, 2022 bloody protest in some parts of the country that led to the loss of lives and properties, many individuals have been pointing fingers on people they think are the organizers of that protest.

The 2018 Presidential flag bearer of the All People’s Congress APC Party is among the ones accused by some citizens of organizing the August 10 protest.

One of such person is Pastor Mohamed Sesay as who starts by saying Samura Kamara promised to disturb the country’s peace in 2018.

“Question: Before the 2018 Elections APC’s Samura Kamara Said that he Will Cause All Sorts of Problems for this Country if he Loses the Presidential Election and he Lost so is he the Person that has been Causing All Sorts of Problems for this Country Working Through Adebayor and Others?

Answer: Yes Samura Kamara must be a prime suspect.

Evidence: Since Day 1 when President Bio became President of Sierra Leone, certain elements who claim to belong to the All People’s Congress party, have rested neither day nor night working to disrupt the governance of this country by whipping up unnecessary tensions just so that there will not be peace in the country.

Most of those are Samura Kamara supporters who abuse the parents of even senior members of the All People’s Congress party who they see as against Samura Kamara.

Samura Kamara has neither condemned nor dissociated from the said acts.

Recently Samura Kamara came up with statements against Mendes and Konos which statements are meant to create tribal tensions in the country.

This was an open show of the actual plans Samura Kamara has for this country but it will not work.

God Almighty be our Helper.

Samura Kamara is an old man now almost 85 years old and he knows that if APC selects him as flagbearer it will be his last shot in any election and he is pretty sure that if he goes head to head with HE President Bio, he will woefully lose just like he lost in 2018.

His only hope to cover his shame now is either through a takeover or to continue to cause problems until he dies.

Under his circumstances he will prefer to die trying instead of losing again and another thing is that Samura Kamara is suspecting that some top guns in the APC prefer Sam Sumana to him”.